Gretel Remembers (2012)

A modern re-telling of the 'Hansel and Gretel' fairy tale from a more mature and darker perspective of the latter. Roles: Producer, Director, Animator, Editor / Approx 5 min

One Way (2012)

After returning home from a meeting in Seattle, Stephen is eager for a new beginning; but first, he must face the past. Role: Producer / Approx. 70 min

Lucid (2012)

Two brothers' lives are irrevocably changed when their mysterious invention leads to dangerous consequences. Roles: Producer, Location Manager / Approx. 25 min

Gretel (2013)

Gretel is the 3D sister film to its 2D precursor and further explores the emotional torment of the classic fairy tale character. Role: Most CG elements / Approx 2 min

Heartaches (2011)

'Heartaches' takes broken hearts and failed relationships to a whole new symbolic level... with a classic horror twist. Role: Producer / Approx 12 min

Vipers in the Grass Trailer (2010)

A short teaser for Vipers in the Grass, a 20-min short film that was the first in the Johnny Carson School Film Series. Role: Trailer Editor / Trailer Approx. 60 sec

Darkroom Nightmares: Commercial

'Darkroom Nightmares' is a commercial for LI-COR Biosciences's C-Digit® Blot Scanner that involved VFX/CG integration into live action. Roles: Producer, Animator, Rigger

Odyssey CLx: Promo

This is a short promotional video for LI-COR Biosciences's Odyssey CLx® Infrared Imaging System. Roles: Editor, Motion Graphics

LI-8100A: Promo

This is a promotional video for LI-COR Biosciences's LI:8100A Automated Soil CO2 Flux System. Roles: Editor, Motion Graphics, 3D Modeller, 2D/3D Animator